Wrapping up Advertising Week 2012

Written by
Marcus Startzel, Chief Revenue Officer

Advertising Week 2012 has finally come to a close, and as I look back over the last few days, what really stands out was what a great opportunity it was to engage with brands and talk about their approach to mobile.

Different Millennial Media partners came in from around the country to convene in this unique celebration of advertising, and it was incredibly exciting and encouraging to discuss the different creative approaches marketers are taking with their brands.

The second day of the Mobile Marketing Association’s SM2 conference featured a panel that was focused on how Toyota used mobile to complement a TV ad that they were running during the Super Bowl. We saw PANDORA Jewelry take a similar approach last February, and they also used mobile as a unique way to reach consumers during the game. Both examples speak to a larger trend that we’re seeing of how advertisers are using mobile to complement, amplify or occasionally replace other mediums.

A second panel that stood out featured Jason Thalappillil, a Marketing Director at Pepsi, and Jason gave some information about a campaign they ran for Propel Water that had a focus on reaching “Casual Fitness Enthusiasts.” The ability to target unique real-world audiences is one of the greatest benefits to advertising in mobile today, and in this case, Jason said that the campaign increased brand awareness by 28 percent, purchase intent by 51 percent and consideration by 71 percent.

Overall—it was an exciting week for the industry, and we were proud to take part in the festivities. For pictures from the event, you can check out the Millennial Media Facebook page.

See everyone next year!