Mobile Trends in 2012

Written by
Marcus Startzel, Chief Revenue Officer

2012 has been another amazing year for mobile, and as we look back, we’ve seen some major changes in the space during these last 12 months.

Innovation is coming from the entire mobile ecosystem, and whether we’re looking at advertisers, developers, or even manufacturers and carriers, it has been great to see so much change and growth in the space.

With this in mind, we wanted to call out four highlights that really stood out to us as major trends of 2012:

  1. The continued growth of the iPad. As we reported last week, the iPad mini has seen tremendous early success on our platform, and initial impressions grew at an average rate of 28 percent per day. This success has not slowed the growth of the original iPad though, and the volume of impressions we see from the original iPad is continuing to grow at an average of 35X the volume of iPad mini impressions.
  2. The rise of Samsung. Samsung has always been a major player in the Android market, but in the last year, they saw a large shift in market share. In Q3 of 2011, Samsung held 23 percent of the Android impressions on our platform, while in Q3 of this year, they held 46 percent. Samsung is now 30 percentage points ahead of the second leading Android manufacturer, HTC.
  3. Verticals ramping up spend. We recently reported that ten different verticals increased mobile spend by over 100 percent year-over-year, and on top of that, we also found that 5 verticals had an average quarterly spending increase of over 100 percent. This was led by the Automotive industry which has an average quarterly growth in spend of over 300 percent.
  4. The growth of audience targeting. One of the major trends of 2012 was the rise of audience targeting, as many brands turned to mobile to help them reach specific consumer audiences that are core to their business. Certain verticals had unique audiences that applied to them, but for some audiences like “Business & Finance Enthusiasts” we saw advertisers in multiple verticals place a strong emphasis on targeting these consumers.

While these four trends stood out to us, they certainly don’t represent the only major changes we saw in the space, and we’ll continue to look back at 2012 in the coming weeks.

We now have our eyes squarely on 2013 though, and we can’t wait to see the innovation continue.

To view our official “Mobile Highlights” infographic, click here: