What We Saw Over the Holidays

Written by
Matt Gillis, President of Platform

We talked a few weeks ago about “New Device Days,” and the great monetization opportunity developers have following the holidays, as millions of consumers are looking to engage with content for their new mobile devices.

Now that the holidays are over, we took the time to look at the actual impact we saw on our platform.

We predicted that the iPad mini would be a game changer this holiday season, but what we actually saw was tremendous growth for almost all tablets. From December 23-27, impressions on tablet devices had an average daily growth rate of 12 percent, which was significantly higher than the average daily growth rate of smartphone impressions, which was 2 percent.

Growth on the iPad was strong and outpaced what we saw from the same time period the previous year, and three different Android tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7, all more than doubled their impressions on our platform during this 5 day period.

The growth of the three Android tablets helped boost the Android OS as a whole, and overall Android tablet impressions grew an average rate of 18 percent daily, compared to 7 percent on iOS.

To view more info about the above stats, check out the infographic we created on “The Impact of Mobile Gifting” here: http://bit.ly/VXM4lz.

We hope that all of our developer partners had a wonderful (and profitable!) holiday season, and we’re looking forward to continuing working with you in 2013.