Testing Campaigns Through Self-Service Mobile Advertising

Written by
Henry Tam, Vice President, Self-Service

There are many reasons why marketers may prefer to take a self-serve approach to their mobile ad campaigns, ranging from ease of use and simplicity, to simply being in control of the entire process.

One other huge reason though is so they can test different variations of their campaigns, both in targeting and messaging.

From a targeting perspective, we may see an advertiser set up 4 different campaigns, geo-fenced around 4 slightly different areas, to see where consumers are responding the most. Another example would be if an advertiser wanted to run one version of a campaign targeted to a specific device, and then another version targeted to our entire platform.

In terms of messaging, advertisers are also constantly tweaking their creative to gauge performance, and they may run multiple campaigns with variations ranging from different colors and logos, to different calls to action.

With self-serve advertising, advertisers can set up as many different campaigns as they want, make as many adjustments as they want, and then use those campaigns to gain unique insights on what types of ads are truly resonating.

In many cases, once advertisers have these unique insights, they can apply them and scale their campaign in terms of budget.

I’ll be speaking about this topic (among other things) at the Websfest Global conference later today, and if anyone happens to be attending, please feel free to track me down at the show.

Additionally—if any advertisers want to talk to a member of our team about how to test campaigns through mMedia, you can reach me at htam@millennialmedia.com