Targeting Online Consumers in Mobile, Programmatically

Written by
Julienne Thompson, VP, Programmatic

Consumers jump between mobile (smartphone & tablet) and PC with increasing frequency, often beginning a task on one device and completing it on the other. In fact, 2 out of 3 online adults are “screen jumpers” and constitute more than half of all major demographic groups, according to comScore. It’s crucial that advertisers and brands engage their audience wherever they’re spending time. Consumers expect a holistic message, regardless of device or medium, and sending multiple messages across multiple mediums without a connecting strategy can result in a fragmented consumer experience. It can also be a nightmare to manage disconnected, siloed campaigns across mobile and PC. With that in mind, the Millennial Media Exchange (MMX) offers advertisers the ability to buy programmatically and deliver impressions across screens.

To do so, Millennial Media provides the AppNexus ID, along with additional targeting parameters, which is then included in the bid request. This approach enables advertisers that have cookie sync’d with AppNexus to identify matches and purchase Millennial Media impressions in the same way they had previously purchased display impressions. While Millennial Media has more than 52M cross-screen profiles, the number of users an advertiser can reach across screens using the AppNexus ID is a function of their segment size. Campaigns leveraging a large pool of AppNexus IDs will scale and will be able to reach more users.

By offering advertisers this multi-screen opportunity, MMX is further bridging the gap between mobile and desktop, enabling advertisers to reach their online audience in mobile. This cross-screen approach reduces inefficiencies associated with running siloed mobile and desktop campaigns, and leverages buying processes that display buyers are already familiar with to purchase Millennial Media impressions.

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