Mobile Mix: Spotlight on Asia-Pacific

Written by
Robert Woolfrey, Managing Director, Southeast Asia

There is no doubt that Asia-Pacific is one of the most exciting markets for mobile. Keeping the dynamic market in mind, we’ve shifted the focus of this quarter’s Mobile Mix Report to Asia-Pacific, the third in our international series.

This report, Mobile Mix: Spotlight on Asia-Pacific, leverages the wealth of data available on Millennial Media’s platform to highlight the characteristics of mobile devices used in this region. It also looks at how Asia-Pacific’s mobile users engage with their devices, and how mobile developers and brand advertisers can use this data to further evolve their strategies.

One of the most notable findings of this report is the dominance of Android. Majority of the top device manufacturers in this region support an Android OS making it the leading OS in terms of platform impressions.  Android accounts of 71 percent of total impressions from this region with India, Malaysia, and Hong Kong seeing an above average number of impressions from Android devices.

Some countries such as Japan, Australia, and Thailand however, see an above average number of impressions from Apple’s iOS, which sits at 28 percent. Adding to the complexity of the region, are countries like Indonesia and the Philippines, that see below average impressions from both Android and iOS, but show almost nine times more impressions from Blackberry devices than their neighboring countries.

Other findings of the Mobile Mix Asia-Pacific Report include:

  • The top three countries with the highest number of impressions on Millennial Media’s platform were India (15%), Indonesia (14.87%), and Japan (11.62%)
  • Based on impressions on our platform, Samsung (39.62%), Apple (26.41%), and Nokia (3.48%) were the top three manufacturers
  • Technology, Telecommunications, and Consumer goods are the top three brand verticals for mobile advertising that see the highest consumer engagement.
  • Top application categories with most impressions served and highest click-through rates on our platform were Games, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Personalization, and Productivity & Entertainment

With so many consumers in the region and the expanding smart phone market, there are many opportunities available to brand advertisers to reach an even bigger portion of their intended audiences. However, the vast diversity in language and geography of the region means that developers and publishers need to put in more effort to ensure consumers are able to engage with their campaigns or apps across the barriers of native language, currency, or preferred network.

Check out the full Mobile Mix Report, released today, for more information on mobile trends in Asia-Pacific. Download it here.